Apple Ipad

So are you getting the latest apple product, the ipad?

Is this device just a big iphone or does it fill a need of some kind? Only time will tell once the product is released and in my hands. However, with the recent popularity of netbooks (mini laptops) I am guessing this device will be just as popular and be the biggest seller in the netbook market, even though this is considered a pad, rather than a netbook.

There are a few things that I find interesting about this new product:

1. App integration. All apps in the apple store can be used with this pad, which is awesome.
2. Small and thin – this device is really thin and is small enough to easily fit in a bag with books…but how durable is it?
3. Internet service – for $30 a month you can utilize AT&T to have unlimited internet on the device regardless of where you are. This is very cool. Too bad it doesnt work with verizon. However, phone service internet is pretty slow at this point. Slower than what I remember of the old 128 bps modems.
4. keyboard compatibility – You can set this up with a keyboard/mouse and make it a mini desktop computer
5. Are these pads new? No, these type of pad have been around for years. Then again, so were PDAs and Smartphones but the iphone/ipod touch took over the market, so if thats any indication, the ipad is here is stay.

Apple Ipad

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