Apples June 2010 Announcement

So what are your predictions for apples big announcement in June?

Mine are….

iphone 4gs with video camera

faster/better att service

and the big one….iphone coming to verizon this fall!?! – who knows but speculation is out there. We do know that att had exclusive rights until 2012 but that contract might be null and void now. We will find out in the next 2-3 weeks. We do know that apple is working a cdma iphone that would work with verizon among other companies and that verizon is rumored to be launching an ad campaign for the iphone later this summer. however these are all rumors and verizon is currently pushing droid.

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  1. well it looks like the iphone is officially not coming to verizon wireless for the time being. most likely in 2012 when the att contract expires.


    netflix for iphone – just in time for those limited data plans

    imovie for iphone

    5mb camera with 5x digital zoom

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