How do I make my Android phone faster?

Has your phone been getting slower? Does it take a few more seconds than normal get to a screen ie sticks? Well there are a few things you can do make your phone much faster. I recently took my Droid 1 and made it nearly new again. Here are a few simple steps to make your phone fast:

1. Get rid of all apps you do not use

2. Get rid of task killer apps. Android 2.1 and later does NOT need these. They take up and waste memory.

3. Use widgets sparingly. They take up a lot of memory. I actually got rid of all of mine except the google search bar and power setting widget. My weather widget was taking a lot of memory.

4. Power off phone once a week.

5. Take the battery out of the phone once a week.

6. Check to see what apps are running and stop them if you are not using them. To do this go to menu->settings->applications->running services

7. Delete all your texts. Using too much space can bog the phone.

8. Clear your internet cache.

9. If you are really desperate you can do a system reboot. This will wipe the phone clean and you need to reinstall everything. I would only do this if you have the time to reinstall or you are having major phone problems.

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