Google Nexus phone released

Google has finally released their much anticipated Galaxy Nexus phone. It was released in the US yesterday and I got one:) Now for most mobile users I recommend an iPhone for various reasons. For myself and other ‘techies’ this is the phone to get and here is why:

– first phone with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwhich. Will be a few months before other phones get this update OS.

– It’s a google phone so you will get updates straight from google i.e., first. No other phones have this advantage.

– No bloatware. Normally when you buy an android phone is comes pre-installed with all sorts of software that you cannot delete. For instance moto blur for motorola or sense from htc. This is a vanilla version of android.

– It’s a developer phone. This means that you can easily root and unlock the phone. You can also reset it to factory settings.

Well those are the advantages of this phone over all others. If you want to know the reason why I recommend iphones over droids for most users stay tuned, i will eventually get around to writing that article.

Here is a link to the phone to check out the features:

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