Alternative to PPT? Try Prezi

Sick and tired of PowerPoint? I am. I know it’s a great presentation tool, however, it can get old because people are just not creative with it. In another blog post I will show how to spice up your PPT presentation. For now though, there are alternatives out there which put a new twist on presentations. One being Prezi. Prezi is a presentation tool just like PPT however it is different in that it acts more like a concept map to tell your story and offers a unique way to present. Now Prezi is not free although there is a free version available. The normal version is $59 a year with an advanced version being $159 a year. However good news for teachers, students, and faculty, you can get the normal version for FREE and the pro version for $59 a year:)

Visit the prezi website here

See a sample Prezi presentation:



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