What do college professors do over spring break?

Being that it’s my 3rd year as a college professor I thought I now have enough experience to speak about what ‘we’ do over spring break:) While my students are off on some adventure – some going to places like Cancun to party, some going on educational trips to places like Haiti, and others just simply staying home I am actually sitting at home, in my usual position – on the computer doing work. I have been working mostly on ‘playing catchup’. During the semester there are lots of administrative tasks that get thrown at you that you just never have time for. Normally I work around 50-60 hrs per week during the semester and never have extra time to do many things required of me, so break is when I catch up. Once I am done with those tasks I next try to catch up on my grading. I plan to spend the majority of today grading assignments in two courses that I teach. Once I finish grading, then its off to research. I am working on a paper that I maybe have a few hours for each week. Then I get to spend tomorrow prepping my courses for next week. I spend a good 3-4 hours per hour I teach in prep so it will take all day to prep 1-2 courses. That is my spring break. Sure I do not have to teach this week or go into the office but my work never ends!

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