eBook: How to self publish

As part of one of my courses this semester, I had my students divide into groups to write book chapters for a book on how to teach online. The book will then be published online for free. So in this effort, I have been analyzing different methods to publish online and thought I would put my findings here for others to use:

Apple’s iBooks Author – http://www.apple.com/ibooks-author/

-Free to use
– Slow publishing times – account and such need to be approved by Apple. Apple can reject your book.
– If you charge for your text, Apple owns the rights (they take 30% of profit). If you offer for free, you can still publish elsewhere because there is not ISBN. But the good thing is that you can distribute for free!
– iBooks only work on Apple devices so those with PC, Kindles, or other eReaders are out of luck.

Amazon Self Publishing: Createspace

– Free
– You own copyright
– Cannot distribute for free. Must charge at least 2.15 per book. If in Kindle, must charge based on file size. Minimum charge is $0.99.
– Amazon provides free ISBN through createspace

SourceFabric – http://www.sourcefabric.org

– Free to publish and host – you host on your own server
– Can distribute anywhere


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