What do you do when your employer asks for your facebook password?

This is a ‘hot topic’ right now in the tech world. Companies, schools, and government agencies are apparently asking their employees or interviewees for access to their facebook profiles. Now I am sure this is not too common as I have yet to hear of a real case of it, but from all the news surrounding the issue, it is happening. So what do you do if asked? What are ways to get around this?

1. Dont have a facebook profile. Easy enough but realistically all of us do.

2. Please please please make your profile private.

3. When your employer asks you for your facebook profile, here is what I am recommending everyone do:

Show them your profile as it appears to the public. Explain that this is what the public sees. Explain that the contents are for family and friends only and you feel that showing the rest is too personal (if you need to explain this much), which is why its private in the first place. Also, you can point them to your personal webpage or LinkedIn page and explain these are the networks you use for your professional connections.

Now obviously what you do is up to you but if they can get your passwords what is next? Looking in your house? Going through your closet?

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