File sizes and download speeds of 56k, 3G, 4G, and High speed wireless internet

Here is a chart I made comparing speeds of various internet connections and showing how fast/slow one would expect their files to download. Remember that these are really hypothetical and depend so much on where you are, what kind of device you have, etc. You should also remember that equipment you are using should be regularly maintained (visit for more info). Theoretically 4G and high speed internet should be nearly the same but realistically this is not the case. So please do not take these as fact, rather, use this chart as a guide to consider when developing for both web and mobile devices.

100kb 250kb 500kb 1mb 1gb
56k Modem 15 seconds 36 seconds 1 minute 2.5 minutes 1 day 18 hours
3G <1 second 6 seconds 12 seconds 25 seconds 7 hours
High Speed/Wireless/4G <1 second 1 second 3 seconds 5 seconds 1.5 hours

*note – these speeds assume best case scenario. More than likely all speeds will be
Slower. Both 3G and 4G speeds will probably be significantly slower, especially as 4G max
Speeds are not even available yet.

If you

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