New Samsung Phone: Galaxy S3

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Galaxy S3 confirmed

– 4.8 inch screen
– 8mp camera (1.9 inch front camera)
– 2100 battery
– summer launch in America
– looks very similar to nexus
– 2 feature – s-voice and s-stay – both look ok but are bloatware.
– 1.4 GHZ Quad core processor
– MicroSD slot
– Runs ICS Android 4.0
– 1 GB Ram

My thoughts from what I have seen ( I have not touched the phone or seen it in real life): It’s a definite upgrade the S2 and GNex, however, it is not what I would call significant. It’s reminds me of the upgrade from the iPhone 4 to the 4s. Some specs are great, like the quad core, and microSD card. But the S2 has an 8MP camera already. And while Samsung is really pushing their bloatware – it’s bloatware, although I will admit that if you did not want the bloatware you already have a Gnex which has a vanilla version of Android 4.0 on it. Would I buy this phone? Well I have the Gnex so there is no way this is worth the upgrade. I personally do NOT want bloatware – but that is my big selling point. Additionally, I have the extended battery for the Gnex which is the same one used as default on this phone. Others really like the microSD card, that alone may be a huge selling point. If I had the S2 I would probably upgrade although honestly if you care about a better camera, phones will have 10-12mp by the end of the year.

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