New generation streaming, not downloading music

I just read this article on CNN:

It makes sense. Why download music anymore? There are so many good streaming services out there like Pandora and Spotify that downloading and owning music is almost a waste of time. I have Pandora on my computer and phone. So when I workout, I can turn on my favorite radio station and listen rather than creating a playlist on my iPod. My generation grew up with CDs then when I was 18 or so, Napster changed everything and we could create ‘mix’ CDs. Next iPod allowed us to download mp3s. Now it looks as if we are moving into a generation of streaming music due to cell phone data and very available wifi. Here is a little timeline of how this all happened:

1890s – Jukebox
1920 – radio becomes widely available with KDKA in Pittsburgh
1925 – records go on sale
1933 – FM radio
1964 – cassette tapes
1966 – 8 Track
1979 – Cassettes overtake 8 track and Sony Walkman introduced
1982 – CDs introduced and in 1988 they surpass sales of tapes
1990 – mp3 born
1995 – streaming music introduced
1999 – Napster
2000 – Pandora Radio
2003 – itunes
2008 – Spotify

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