Rumor: Microsoft launching tablet on Monday

Microsoft has plans to announce something big on Monday but at this point we do not know what. Rumors are that it will be a tablet to compete with iPad:

What will this mean? Well we need to see the device. Kindle Fire is an awesome device that competes already and is doing really well. I have a Kindle Fire along with my iPad and I love both. Do we need more devices? Well the three markets that microsoft can really do well in are: Business, Movies, and Gaming. Right now none of the tablets are really business friendly – well Android ones are kind of but MS could add office. Companies are so limited when they decide to buy their employees iPads. A business friendly tablet would be nice. Movies – They could add netflix and amazon and with books they could add all the apps. This is good because iPad does  not allow amazon, amazon doesnt have nook, etc (though android has all). Finally gaming – xbox is the best gaming system and if they could find a way to really link the two together – like allowing users to somehow play their arcade purchases (or even real xbox games) ms would win the tablet war in a second. Everyone with an xbox would want it. Really though Android does most of this stuff and iPad is very popular. Can MS get a chunk of the market? I guess we will see.

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