iPhone 5 Rumors

Two rumors have been really turning up a lot lately with a lot of evidence, however, as always, do not trust any apple rumors until Apple announces them because so many times they have turned out to be untrue.

First rumor: iPhone 5 will be out in October. This sounds about right. Everyone is expecting a Fall announcement.

Second rumor: the connector (white plug that connects your iPhone to charger/computer) has been changed. It will be smaller. While this will make tons of chargers, plugs, car chargers, etc obsolete I think this might just be true. Large dock connectors just take up space and Apple is very concerned with design so this would not surprise me. Its also a chance for Apple to make more money from us. Here is an article about it: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-57477641-37/iphone-5-will-launch-with-19-pin-dock-connector-report-says/

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