Multimedia Design Book – A must for Instructional Designers

If you are not familiar with the Multimedia Principles then this book is a must read for you!

This is pretty much the best multimedia design book I have ever read. If there is one book I can recommend to my students that will help to improve their design, its this book: The Cambridge Handbook of Multimedia Learning by Richard Mayer. While this book is from 2004, I still reference it a lot and use it for all of my research. If you are an instructional designer and have not ever read this book, you HAVE to get it and I cannot over emphasize that enough. It is a must read for all instructional designers because not understanding the principles discussed (in the book) in your training design could be disastrous and unfortunately I have met too many ISDers that do not understand or even know of the design principles discussed in this text. Here is a link for amazon but I’m sure you could find this used on for even cheaper:

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