Adobe Edge Animate

Adobe Edge, now available for free to download until October. At that point it will go on sale. So what is it? Well it is a similar program to Flash, just not as powerful. It is HTML5 though so I have a feeling this is the direction Adobe is going. My guess is that this and either dreamweaver or flash will merge..similar to what happened with Flex. Here is a table that shows where Edge fits into Adobe’s software development process:

Product Sample use cases Supported technologies
Adobe Edge Animate Motion and interaction design for new compositions or using existing CSS-based page layouts, content rotators, simple games, advertising. HTML/HTML5, JavaScript, CSS/CSS3, JSON, web graphics including SVG, jQuery-based animation framework.
Adobe Dreamweaver Websites and web applications for desktops, smartphones, and other devices HTML/HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, PhoneGap, site management, FTP, CMS frameworks, SVN (Subversion)
Adobe Flash® Professional Immersive interactive experiences, mobile applications, gaming, premium video, advertising ActionScript, Flash Player, AIR for desktop and mobile
Adobe Flash® Builder ich Internet Applications (RIAs) and mobile applications Professional ActionScript IDE, Flex, Flash Player, AIR for desktop and mobile

The platform interface looks very similar to Flash. So this looks like it will be very easy to learn if you know Flash and HTML.

Link to software:

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