Metacritic: How important are game reviews?

Most if not all of gamers know of metacritic. But does everyone else? In the gaming world the metacritic score is not only used by fans but also by every gaming company to determine the success of their game. What is metacritic? Its a site that gathers every review by magazines, critics, websites, etc. and compiles them to form a 0-100 number to determine how good a game really is. In the gaming world a metacritic score is huge. However metacritic is used for TV, movies, and music but you do not hear about it too often for them. Not sure why but its interesting.

Here is a link to the metacritic score for the new game guild wars 2 which is released today. The score should start to populate throughout the day today and tomorrow:

Here is a sample from the last WoW release just so you can see what it looks like populated:

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