iPhone 5 announced..my thoughts

iPhone 5 was announced today. The phone will be a good upgrade for current iPhone users. However, will it be an upgrade for Android users? Well here is what I thought as I watched the announcement  (i did get this list from another website but it was exactly what I was thinking) and this is comparing it to my GNex that is 8 months old:

1) LTE – 1.5 years too late
2) Widescreen – 3 years too late
3) Old apps run letterboxed – this is bad
4) Facetime over cellular – 2 years too late although skype did this on iPhone 4s
5) Maps – Google Maps/Earth knockoff
6) Navigation – 3 years too late. Well they had it you just had to buy a separate app for it.
7) Tab sharing – Firefox/Chrome knockoff – A year+ too late
8) VIP e-mail – Gmail knockoff – A year+ too late
9) Passbook – neat concept but no payment within app
10) No NFC – Year and a half too late and counting
11) No backwards compatibility of hardware (need to buy new chargers/car chargers, etc)
12) Poor battery life – this is compared to GNex and S3
13) No SD Card (mine doesnt either and i do not care about this feature but many do)

Here is a comparison of phone next to android devices

Here is a comparison against iPhone 4s

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