How to find scholarships

Decent article on Mashable this morning on how to find scholarships. While it doesnt go into much detail its a great starting point for those looking for money to attend college (who isnt?).

Article: “You’ve worked hard to make it into college, and now comes another challenge — getting funding. Of course you can — and should — call your campus’ financial aid office to find out what scholarship, loan and grant information they can provide you with. It’s also wise to do a little searching of your own. And don’t count yourself out if you don’t have excellent grades, some sites award scholarships based on luck.

There are only a few free web tools that are actually useful in the search for college scholarships. Fastweb, is the first stop for online scholarships and a household name with families who’ve been Výsledek obrázku pro scholarshipthrough the college process in the past 10 years. The site has 50 million registered users, of whom 9 million are active users of the site. Fastweb has 1.5 million scholarships worth about $3.5 billion.

Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of and an expert in financial aid, tells Mashable less than 0.3 percent of students enrolled in four-year institutions were able to get a free ride due to grants and scholarships. 

“Your chances of winning a scholarship if you’re going to a four-year institution are about 1 in 8,” he said, adding the amount for that one winner averages about $2,800 per year. Yet, it’s important to lessen your college debt since it will most likely stay with you for years after graduation.”………..

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