Halo 4 released 11.6.2012

The sequel to Halo 3 will be released tomorrow and I thought I would post some interesting stuff about this game because it has changed gaming tremendously.

There are some awesome things about this game, including the fact that there is a movie that Microsoft created for it (which cost 10 million) called Forward Unto Dawn.

First some stats:

*Preorders of Halo 4 are 1,179,659 as of last week.
*Sales of Halo games in general just totaled 46 million.
*The Halo 4 soundtrack debuted at number 50 in the top billboard charts last week, a first for a video game
*Additionally, the Limited Edition of the game has been sold out for months. Have you ever heard of a video game selling out?

Now for those that do not know, MLG (Major League Gaming) which is the professional video game league will be using Halo 4 in competition just as it has the other Halo games. And for those that do not know, MLG pros can make millions of $$$ a year.

For more info on Halo 4, check out the website here

To watch the Halo Movie, Forward Unto Dawn, use the following videos. Microsoft has been kind enough to release the movie online for free in 5 clips. The 2 minute trailer is first if you want to preview what will take 90 minutes to watch:

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