Nintendo’s Wii U now available: Next gen console

For those of you who follow the gaming world, the next generation Nintendo has been released: Wii U. While I do not like the name I do like the device.

For those wanting to buy this or have questions please see the links below. Some of the most popular answers to questions people want to know:

1. Yes buy the $350 version. You need the storage space and it comes with a game.
2. Yes is works with old wii games and wii controllers
3. Yes it supports 1080 HD TVs
4. If you are going to get it, get it. Its not going to go down in price for the next year.

Here are the tech specs

Link to official Wii U page

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  1. I’m pretty excited about the Wii U, although I didn’t get around to picking one up at launch. I think they really need to quickly put out a killer-app, but it’s great to see AAA third-party games finally arriving in Nintendo’s camp. I’m still looking for that Metroid Prime or Zelda: Wind Waker, let’s hope they announce one at E3.

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