2013 Technology Wish List

Here are the top 30 tech gadgets and technologies I am looking forward to in 2013 or hoping are finally ready for prime time:

1. Unlocked smartphones that work with 4G. Right now the Nexus 4 is a good attempt but doesnt even work with Verizon. Lets hope the Nexus X (rumored phone) is just that.

2. Xbox 720

3. No more DVDs – streaming only

4. Tablets that are as powerful as computers

5. Opensource OS (i.e. Android) becomes mainstream for all devices

6. Free cloud storage for k-16 schools

7. Opensource online classroom similar to Webex

8. Skype goes opensource

9. Google hangout changes its interface and name

10. Google drive is called google docs again

11. Online calendars sync flawlessly

12. No new call of duty game

13. A good conversion product from flash to html5

14. A good html5 development tool (ie adobe edge)

15. Apple to open up their app store or create a business app store. Right now their app store is not developer friendly towards businesses that create apps that apple just denies.

16. A robot that watches kids and does house work

17. An invisibility cloak

18. Real life Halo Armor

19. A tv that knows what I want to watch and uses voice commands to change the channel

20. My car, tv, computer, phone, and tablet all synced together

21. Spotify that works for free on wifi on ipad

22. A MMORPG and FPS combined in one to make the ultimate video game

23. Netflix or amazon prime to get all the disney movies on instant play

24. Amazon prime to work on apple tv

25. PHPBB to include good spam protection in their builds

26. Phone carriers to stop charging the cost of your phone when your contract is up.

27. A phone carrier that competes with ATT and Verizon that is just as good that lowers prices, not keeps increasing them to make more money

28. No more cable tv. Let streaming internet take over finally

29. Video conferencing that allows for holograms instead of 2d/3d people so its like the person is really there in the room

30. virtual reality from the 90s that actually works

Bonus – Hover boards – I have been waiting for these since Back to the Future part II

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