Why you need to backup your computer now!!!

Yes it happened. The other day I was sitting on my laptop (Work iMac only 6 months old) browsing the internet and I got the spinning wheel of death. I thought nothing of it as this happens time to time on all computers. All of a sudden after about 30 seconds of the computer being frozen and me realizing I cannot force quit, I started to hear this click coming from the hard drive. I got a little nervous but figured I just needed to reboot. Upon reboot I heard the click again and the computer would not restart, instead it went to a blank screen. I tried several things and realized my computer wasnt recognizing my hard drive. The drive was done. I took the computer to my tech team at my university and after several attempts to extract the data such as putting the hard drive in another computer and then putting it into a device, I realized all was lost. Well not exactly. Fortunately I am fairly good at backing up my machine. Now while I did lose about 15% of my files (these were mostly large files that were not cloud friendly) most of my school files, important docs, etc. were all saved. How did I save them? I regularly work in the cloud via dropbox so all of my school files and working documents like research papers are all in dropbox so they were saved. Thus I did not freak out. Sure I lost a few things but they are all things that I can mostly replace. The moral of the story, back up and back up often. In all of my years of using a computer I have not had a hard drive fail and I am not one who drops their computer, spills stuff on it, etc. I take care of them. This was a faulty drive.

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