Which video conferencing tools are you using?

There are many free and paid tools on the market now. So which do you use and why? I am going to review some of the more popular ones here:

Skype – Offers both free and paid service. Works on all computers, cell phones, and tablets. You can put up to 25 people on the same conference call for free and share a desktop. With the video feature you can only video conference with one person before you have to pay.

Google Hangout – Works on all computers through a google account, such as gmail and is also available as an app via apple/android. Can share desktop. Can call and video chat with up to 10 people for free.

Facetime – An apple product only. Allows 1 to 1 video conferencing. Is nice but only works with apple.

There are more but these seem to be the ones most people are using. I personally use Skype for everything. Having said that if a user is on another system I have accounts for most of them.


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