Web Giants Fight CISPA, Push Back Against Resurrection Of Cybersecurity Bill

Looks like there is no stopping these internet security bills. I still see no reason to have them. The FBI/CIA can already spy on us all they want to. These bills are not going to help anyone from what I see.

“Thousands of websites, including Craigslist and Reddit, demonstrated their opposition this week to a controversial cybersecurity bill, arguing the measure fails to protect the privacy of Internet users.

But as Internet activists wage an online battle against the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, the bill’s chances of passing Congress the second time around remain uncertain, and some experts question whether CISPA goes far enough to protect the country from a potentially crippling cyberattack.

The websites opposing the bill broadcast an “action tool” on their sites Tuesday that allows users to send an automated message to their representatives in Congress. “CISPA is Back. This bill sacrifices privacy without improving security. We deserve both,” the message says. Craigslist featured a link on its site that said: “Pro Privacy? Oppose CISPA.”

The effort is being promoted by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Internet Defense League, an organization of Internet activists who led an online outcry last year that led to the defeat of anti-piracy legislation known as SOPA. The organizers said more than 30,000 websites participated Tuesday in the online protest.”

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