10 reasons to get a Master’s in Instructional Technology

There are many reasons why one goes into instructional technology. I personally went into the field because I loved computers and making websites in the late 90s. I have written about this topic before and this is just really an update to my original article.

So what are ten reasons to go into this field?

1. Good pay. Starting salaries between 55-70k (depending on location).
2. Average 5 year salary is 75-90k a year. This goes way up if you are in a management role.
3. Chance to move to high ranks in companies. Many instructional designers are promoted to project manager after a few years and can move up into very senior roles from that point on. 4. Can enter with any bachelors degree. Only requirement is a bachelors degree in any field.
5. Great 2nd career. Great for teachers trying to leave teaching to go into the corporate sector. You basically become a teacher for the corporate world.
6. Lots of jobs. Lots of jobs everywhere. Although keep in mind obviously cities have more jobs.
7. Work from home – many jobs in our field are allowing you to work from home when not on client site.
8. Work with technology. You always get to play with the coolest new gadgets
9. Can work in the corporate world, Government, higher education, or K-12. Really any sector.
10. Every company needs instructional designers. Yep its true. Every single company needs training and guess who designs it? Yep, instructional designers.

Sounds to good to be true? Well it is and isn’t. Our job in a lot of work and many instructional designers are hard workers. It requires a masters degree – so we are a smart bunch (and our master’s programs are tough). When we are finishing up a project there can be long hours and our job involves thinking and strategy – so its not a cake walk. However, we also gets nice breaks in between projects, good pay, good bonuses, etc. Overall its a great career for anyone – with the right kind of motivation, cognitive ability, and love for technology.

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