Solution for snow days in K-12 eduction

No more snow days? Yes there is a solution and it sounds simple but its not as easy as it sounds. The solution: Online learning during snow days.

Why its simple and how it would work…

Students could log in during the snow day and participate in asynchronous (not live) discussion and assignments or they could participate in live virtual classrooms with their teachers. It would almost be like regular school and prevent districts from having to make up days.

Why its not simple and will cost a lot…

All students would need internet connections and computers. While this is common in wealthier districts, this is not the norm in schools that have lower income families. Also the school would need to set up and purchase an online LMS to track/teach these classes. They would also need to pay for teacher training to use them and then train the teachers to teach online.

This is an article on the topic posted by one of my Master’s degree professors Karl Kapp:

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