Instructional strategies by training type

Here is a chart I have made which highlights the ease at which it is to implement strategies by training type. This is a very good starting point when considering an instructional strategy once you know what kind of training a client wants. While I probably can do any strategy in any environment if I am creative enough, its not always plausible. Thus when someone tells me they want CBT training I know that direct instructional strategies are more than likely the best method.

›Instructor led: 1 – Direct, 1 – Indirect, 1 – Experiential

›Online: 1 – Direct, 2 – Indirect, 3 – Exp

›Virtual:1 – Direct,1 – Indirect, 1 – Exp

›CBI/CBT: 1 – Direct, 3 – Indirect, 3 – Exp

›Simulation: 1 – Direct, 1 – Indirect, 1 – Exp

1 = Easy, 2 = medium, 3 = Most difficult

*note that given the technology and capabilities of your team and technology, these could all be different for you. For example in the Online section, Indirect heavily depends on the LMS type and capabilities – it could very easily be a ‘1’.


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