Evaluating Computer Based Instruction

Here is a guide for evaluating computer based training – CBI. *Please note that this is a general guide for CBI. In reality this guide would need to be modified for each project so that it meets the clients needs, goals, etc.


What is the topic:

Software used:


Delivery method (i.e. PC, Phone, etc.)

File type:

Compatibility issues:

Instructional Strategy

What is the instructional strategy/theory guiding this instruction? (i.e. gagnes, PBL, etc).

Is it used correctly?

Go through the strategy and state how each part/section is applied


Is there a task analysis available to see that all content is being taught?

How many learning objectives are there?

What are the learning objectives?

Do they teach (have content for) each learning objective?

Do they asses each learning objective?

Multimedia principles

Are they following the multimedia principles?

What multimedia principles are being followed?

Simple and natural dialogue

Do they speak the users’ language?


Are buttons in the same place on each screen?

Are the colors and layout consistent throughout?

Colors/fonts/layout – across the site/app

How many colors are they using? (should be 2-4)

Are fonts legible?

Does the layout make sense? (using a grid) Do they follow the rule of thirds in most cases?

Is it easy to navigate?

Are images clear, easy to see, make sense on each screen?


Do they provide feedback to the user for assessments or interactions?

Provide clearly marked exits

Can you exit the program if you wish?

Provide shortcuts

Is there a button for a menu or to get back to beginning at any time?

Deal with errors in positive and helpful manner

Is there a help/FAQ button? Or directions at beginning of tutorial?

Develop for the output technology – resolution, colors, golden ratio/rectangle

Is the tutorial a good size? Resolution? (i.e. for the PC)

User friendly layout

Buttons/links easy to find/use

Other Suggestions

Any other suggestions?


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