How to save time and money in computer based instruction delivery

The answer – Time compressed instruction. Look here for a what is

Here is what we know:

– žaudio can be compressed up to 25% in a multimedia environment without sacrificing comprehension of factual and problem solving knowledge or increasing cognitive load (Pastore, 2010; Pastore, 2012)

This means that an hour of instruction could take 45 minutes. Lets put that into perspective, 1 hour of compressed instruction (25% so 45 minutes) vs 1 hour of regular paced instruction would save your company:

  • 100 employees who make an average of 50k per year ($24 an hour)
    • Savings of 25 hours and $600
  • 1000 employees
    • Savings of 250 hours and $6,000
  • 10000 employees
    • Savings of 2500 hours and $60,000

So yes you can actually save a lot of time and money by using this method of delivery instead of regular paced audio instruction

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