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Hopefully you read my article on online privacy and why it’s important. This post will focus on finding the best free VPN. Before I start, I will just mention that if you really want a VPN, just buy one. For a less than $100 a year you can practically get any paid VPN. I actually pay $30 a year for mine, that’s a little over $2 a month. The advantage of a paid VPN like is that its 10x faster than free ones. So to me I don’t notice a difference in speed now from my fast wifi now that I use a paid one. With the free ones, I did notice that difference. So its worth $30 a year to me.

Having said that, if you are going to use a free VPN here are some things to pay attention to – Why is it free? Are they pushing ads? How do they make it free? From what I have found is that most VPNs offer a free version and put restrictions on them. For example, they only let you use 200mb of bandwidth a day or maybe 5GB per month – some kind of restriction like that. Honestly, those don’t work well for me. I watch a lot of youtube videos for work and that bandwidth was sometimes used in 20 minutes, however at this page there is a huge list with the best VPN, and recommendation on how to avoid a security breach.

So what is the best free VPN? I was able to find one that is 100% free, its a full VPN package meaning is prevents leaks and does its job. It also allows you to use unlimited data – something other free VPNs do not. Its called CyberGhost VPN. Now how do they make it free? Well they do have a paid version and their free version has a few restrictions. When you start it up, it takes anywhere from 3-5 to start (the paid version is instant), its somewhat slower (the paid version isn’t and all free ones are slower like this), and it shuts off every 3 hours (so you need to reset it).

After a lot of testing I could get past the 3-5 minute start up time in order to have free unlimited data. It was a small price to pay. No other free VPN even comes close to this from what I could find. They all have a data limit except for CyberGhost. If you are looking for privacy in the network you can visit this site and read more information.

So if you are looking for a free VPN look no further. Obviously if you are looking at this article in 6+ months from now please do research as all of this information could of changed, and don’t forget to use the torguard promo code as well.

Also note when buying a VPN, look for sales. They all have 30-50% off sales. For example, I have seen the one mentioned in this article for as little as $25 a year on sale.

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