Xbox One’s Cloud

There are many people who either do not understand the cloud or wonder what it is. Here is a great article that explains it. Also, here is an infographic that visually explains it. In a nutshell:

– There will be 300,000 servers to power your games
– These servers will be dedicates. That means that microsoft will host matches so there will be less lag and less pauses in game from a host switch. Current PS3/xbox360 relies on p2p or host matches.
– There will be unlimited cloud storage for xbox live users
– Worlds will continue when you stop playing. So just like WoW on the PC, there will be a world on the server and gameplay will continue even when you are not on.

How does this compare to Sony’s cloud? Well Sony has been rather quiet about it. We do know:

– It releases in 2014
– They are using Gaikai but this is only for streaming ps1-3 games. – Will they have the same functionality as xbox 1? We honestly do not know. Rumors are that they will not. This comes from the titanfall developer who said ps4 does not have the technology to play their game. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen but Sony really needs to make it clear what their cloud is and is not. Unfortunately if it was more than what we know I am sure they would have said so. Better to not say anything when its not as good.

xbox one cloud

ESA Gaming Facts: 2013

ESA has released their 2013 report on gaming. Here are some of the highlights (full article here):

58% of americans are gamers
Average age: 30 years old
45% of gamers are female
Most games are purchased by 35 year olds
62% play online (with others)
77% play at least 1 hour per week (with others)
79% of parents set time limits on their child’s gaming
89% of parents are with their children when they purchase games
93% of parents check the content of their kids games
52% of parents say games have a positive influence on their childs life
Top selling games of 2012 for the console: Call of duty, Madden football, Halo
Top selling game of 2012 for the PC: Diablo, Guild wars, World of warcraft
20.77 billion spent on games in 2012

Xbox One Rumors Put to Rest…

Microsoft’s new system is actually very awesome, it was just a bad marketing job and users that do not understand the features. PC gaming is 10x better and ahead of console gaming and MS took a step in this direction while sony is staying in 2005. Let me explain…

MS is implementing a cloud (sony is too but it is not the same thing). What this will mean is that you will install your game on your machine and then you will never need the disk again. You go to a friends house, log in and you can play. No need for your disk. You can lend your game to up to 10 friends too (although the time will be limited). How awesome is that? Its like PC gaming. Disks are an outdated technology. My laptop doesnt even have a disk drive. I was so happy to see MS moving in this direction and cannot believe Sony is making them mandatory and people are happy about this old technology? Its like demanding a home cordless phone over a mobile and claming the home one is better lol.

About the 24 hour online check in. It is most definitely needed. Since you do not need the disk after installing on the cloud why wouldnt every single person just sell it? They need to prevent that. It makes total sense. Plus, the majority of gamers play online. I havent played a non online game since maybe 2007. I cant even log into WoW without being online. With this I just need to ‘check in’ every 24 hrs, then I can play offline for 24hrs if i wanted.

Kinect – it will NOT be monitoring you. That is just a bad rumor. You can set it to do what you want. Do you really think MS would spend millions (and i mean many many millions) to record people? Do you know how expensive server space and how big video files are? I dont think people actually believe this…