Xbox One Rumors Put to Rest…

Microsoft’s new system is actually very awesome, it was just a bad marketing job and users that do not understand the features. PC gaming is 10x better and ahead of console gaming and MS took a step in this direction while sony is staying in 2005. Let me explain…

MS is implementing a cloud (sony is too but it is not the same thing). What this will mean is that you will install your game on your machine and then you will never need the disk again. You go to a friends house, log in and you can play. No need for your disk. You can lend your game to up to 10 friends too (although the time will be limited). How awesome is that? Its like PC gaming. Disks are an outdated technology. My laptop doesnt even have a disk drive. I was so happy to see MS moving in this direction and cannot believe Sony is making them mandatory and people are happy about this old technology? Its like demanding a home cordless phone over a mobile and claming the home one is better lol.

About the 24 hour online check in. It is most definitely needed. Since you do not need the disk after installing on the cloud why wouldnt every single person just sell it? They need to prevent that. It makes total sense. Plus, the majority of gamers play online. I havent played a non online game since maybe 2007. I cant even log into WoW without being online. With this I just need to ‘check in’ every 24 hrs, then I can play offline for 24hrs if i wanted.

Kinect – it will NOT be monitoring you. That is just a bad rumor. You can set it to do what you want. Do you really think MS would spend millions (and i mean many many millions) to record people? Do you know how expensive server space and how big video files are? I dont think people actually believe this…

Xbox One Strategy: What MS needs to do right now

If Microsoft’s Xbox One wants to win the console war, right now, its very simple. Lower digital game prices $10-20. It’s that simple. Show us, as users, that all of your security issues to prevent piracy are so that developers can rest assured their is less pirating, which should increase profits. As a result you should be able to lower the cost of digital games as the PC has done. So do it and do it now. Additionally when users are not buying the disk, case, etc they lower your costs anyway. So if you want to get your rep back fast, make the announcement that digital games are going to be lower.

My thoughts on xbox one

After speaking with two different game designers this weekend as well as reading more information, my thoughts on xbox one have changed dramatically. Here are my most recent thoughts and sure these can change in the coming months are we get more information:

1. Multimedia – If I am spending a few hundred on one of these things (consoles) I expect it to do more than play games. I am excited for the multimedia features of the xbox one. I felt like sony dropped the ball here and should be doing more. MS is really going to shine in this area.

2. xbox live – what can i say, its always been better then PSN. Now that PSN will be the same price I dont see how anyone can justify it considering it was down for 3+ weeks last year.  Im sure sony has fixed those problems though but I do not think anyone can argue psn is better. xbox is now getting 300,000 servers, which is amazing.

3. Always online – I only play online. Who doesnt play games online? I have for many years now…maybe since 2007. I pretty much have awesome internet everywhere I go so its not a complaint. I am surprised people are not mad that these systems require always electricity:) All of my PC games, like WOW, are always online too. Plus many sony games will require online access as well. I cant really figure out this one. I do not see people complaining that WoW is only online.

4. Installing games. Just like every PC game I have to install. This is actually awesome. I can now go to a friends and just sign in to play my game. No need to use disks anymore – welcome to 2013 MS. The cloud is the way to go. This is a major selling point for me. I felt like sony actually went backwards here. their cloud is very limited and wont be available until some point in 2014. I do want to see more details on both systems cloud.

5. used games – yea i dont buy them. gamestop is causing an increase in prices. stop supporting them. they are hurting all game publishers, especially the smaller ones. suppport game developers not gamestop. Also if MS’s new system works to help prevent privacy, there is a change the game prices could go down for digital versions.

6. Kinect – I dont really care much for kinect but after thinking about, its kinda nice. it would be fun to mess around with. and no its not always on or recording you, you can set it to do what you want. it will also be kinda cool to skype with people like my family on tv vs my ipad.

7. Games – Well I think the exclusives are better for MS. I am a huge halo fan so thats always a sell for me. Titanfall looks interesting and will be available on PC too. All the other games I want seem to be on both systems although I imagine MS’s cloud will be really cool for Destiny.

xbox one needs to change its marketing among other things…

Edit: my thoughts after talking to several game designers and doing some research on the system. I am still really annoyed about he price though. $500 is too much for a game system…grrrr

This post will discuss why MS needs to change course now if they want their console to do well. Whoever came up with these ideas is not a gamer and should be fired from MS. Gamers are rebels. They do not like conformity and the marketing for this console is everything they hate. Now just a word of warning – Sony is probably going to be doing this same stuff (well not price) they are just keeping quiet at this point as they should seeing what MS is going through. Its not really MS or Sony’s choice, rather the game publishers. I will also note that I am more than likely buying an xbox 1 (not on release though, I will wait for halo).

Edit: Here is a good explanation of all of these things. Basically what it comes down to is MS did a terrible job marketing some awesome new features and they actually made them sound bad:

1. Price – this is the biggest. Given the current economy, people are not going to spend  $499 when they could get the sony for $399. It does not matter what you include in the console. Its the price tag people will see. $499 for a console is too expensive regardless.

2. Features – 24 hr online check, no borrowed games, etc. – since these changes would only affect a small % of gamers, why have them to begin with? People are just bashing the system because of them even though they wont be affected. Do not try to educate the community, its not going to work. Whoever thought it would needs to be fired.

3. Kinect – People could care less about kinect and now feel like they are going to pay for something they wont use. Have a bare bones system with no kinect. Heck have no storage, let people use their own. Things like this would reduce the cost and people would be happy.

4. xbox live – there are rumors you are going to charge more for things like netflix and such? Keep xbox live pricing as is. Its only going to confuse people and make them mad. Dont do stupid stuff. If you want to be # 1 listen to gamers not your business analysts.

5. Exclusives – you better get your exclusives in check. The bigger games are all multiplatform. If bungie’s new game is awesome PS4 will win this gen for sure. COD and battlefield already make it not important which console you have.

E3 2013

Get ready for the latest gaming announcements and trends – E3 2013 begins today! This week we will get to see the latest technologies in the gaming world and see what they have to offer. I am most excited to see what the PS4 and Xbox One have in store:

Microsoft Press Conference – 1 p.m. ET

EA Press Conference – 4 p.m. ET

Ubisoft Press Conference – 6 p.m. ET

Sony Press Conference – 9 p.m. ET

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nintendo Direct – 10 a.m. ET



Xbox 1

So MS announced their new xbox today dubbed xbox 1. Thus far it seems pretty cool. Nothing I didnt expect though so no surprises. Seems like a great upgrade to the xbox 360. Actually this round of consoles all feel like upgrades rather than whole new systems.

World of Classcraft

This is a really awesome website. The website guides you through gamifying your classroom. It shows you how to turn your classroom into a game, similar to dungeons and dragons, world of warcraft, etc. I think this is a very unique idea and I would love to see more classrooms implementing similar type strategies. While I do not expect a class to implement everything from this site, I believe there are a lot of good ideas and that taking one or two could really help students and make the classroom a fun place to learn.

Here is a video about it:

Xbox 720 rumors

Many know that I am a fan of video games so I keep up with these latest rumors. Here is the latest from the xbox 720 and my thoughts on them:

Xbox 720 will:

*Support TV feeds similar to Google TV – I would definitely say this is true. Xbox already supports netflix, amazon prime, etc.

*Cost $500 (or $300 for subscription version) – This price point is off. $399 max for the best console should be what they go for. Most people are not going to shell out $500 for a gaming console. I know I will not be.

*Release in November – This makes sense. A release for the holiday season seems about right.

*Need to be online 24/7 – Not sure why this would need to be. Why would it need to be on when I am not using it? I shut mine down and unplug it when I am not on it now.

*Not be backwards compatible – While I could really care less about this, there are many people that like this sort of thing so supporting it is always a good idea but I understand not doing it if it can reduce the price of the machine for the end user.