Atari game sells for $10,000

Absolutely insane. I am not sure why anyone would care to buy this. The game was made for atari by an independent person. The game was not even known to exist until someone bought it at a yardsale in 2007 and verified that it was real. I do get paying more money if someone found the original game disk from the company (like the test copy) for a popular game – and by more money I mean maybe $100 to a huge fan. But 10k on a game that no one will ever play and no one even knew existed?

Article here

Metacritic: How important are game reviews?

Most if not all of gamers know of metacritic. But does everyone else? In the gaming world the metacritic score is not only used by fans but also by every gaming company to determine the success of their game. What is metacritic? Its a site that gathers every review by magazines, critics, websites, etc. and compiles them to form a 0-100 number to determine how good a game really is. In the gaming world a metacritic score is huge. However metacritic is used for TV, movies, and music but you do not hear about it too often for them. Not sure why but its interesting.

Here is a link to the metacritic score for the new game guild wars 2 which is released today. The score should start to populate throughout the day today and tomorrow:

Here is a sample from the last WoW release just so you can see what it looks like populated:

Guild Wars 2

GW2 is coming out in less than 24hrs (for those that pre-ordered as monday is official release day). Are you buying it? I am holding off until I see reviews and what people have to say. I am sure its going to be a good game but I just do not like buying these at release as I have seen too many failures.

Xbox 720 sold on Ebay for $20,100???

It appears that someone who claims to have a development kit for the next xbox sold it on ebay and it went for over 20k.

Here is the link but keep in mind this will disappear in a few days so I am taking a screen shot as well.

So is this real? No one knows. If it is, this person will probably get in trouble because MS knows who has these. Unless of course it is a publicity stunt by MS, which in my opinion is pure genius.

Click image to see full size:

Xbox 720


If I get more info, i will post. I really wonder who this buyer was? Was a prototype of the next xbox worth 20k?

A professional gamer’s view on gaming

This is a pretty good article I saw posted on CNN yesterday. It walks through the life of a teenage professional gamer in South Korea and highlights his desire to win, his obsession, and how he finds time to dedicate to playing games at a professional level.

So what is professional gaming? Well for those that do not know there is a Major League of Gaming (MLG). They host tournaments across the world for several of the most popular games where players compete for cash prizes.

The interesting thing about professional gaming is that not many people outside the gaming world know about it. For instance, this kid in the article posted above is making over 100k a year. The other kid they mention, who is one level above the kid is making 250k a year. Not bad salaries for a teenager in South Korea. On top of cash prizes at contests these kids become famous in the game world. They get real sponsors, sign autographs, etc. Just like a movie star or athlete.

Anyway, that my blurb on professional gaming for today. Check out the article I posted above its a decent read for those who do not know much about the topic.

SWTOR going free to play – kind of

I am not too surprised by this. After 2-3 days of gameplay I was bored with this game. I got it on release. I did give it a full month but then decided not to pay to play it. Well I guess they have lost enough subs and with GW2 and WOW both coming out soon, they knew this was their last chance at survival. So you can now play your character to 50 but then will have to pay to play end game. So its not entirely f2p but close enough. I have not seen a date when this starts but it is supposed to happen this fall so I would assume next month?

But I wonder, what do all of you that told me that this would be a WOW killer have to say? Muuahhh ha ha:)