Bitcasa: Unlimited cloud storage for free!

That’s right, just like dropbox or box, Bitcasa is another competitor in the cloud storage market (and we are still waiting for Google’s to be announced in the next few weeks). Anyway, Bitcasa offers unlimited storage which is huge compared to the 2GB that dropbox offers for free.

Link to their site:

Here is their promotional video

How to view Flash on your iPad and iPhone

Have you wanted to view Flash on an iPhone or iPad? Well now it is possible (well it always has been with a few workarounds). Apps are coming out that display Flash content, so rest assured, Flash does work on these devices.

One such app, iSwifter, is a browser that displays Flash content. You can try the browser for free for 10 days and it costs 4.99 to purchase. I tested it out and it works pretty well. I tested video, motion, sound, and interactions in flash and they all worked. I think anyone interested in viewing Flash on the iPad/iPhone should definitely invest in this app. It’s cheap, and it works.

You can download iSwifter from iTunes here

E-Readers lead to more reading than books

A new study by the Pew Research Center, that included 1,400 adults, found that people who read books with e-Readers read an average of 24 books per year compared with those who read text books only read 15.

Other findings:

-1/5 have read an ebook
-People are also reading ebooks on their cell (i’m not, too small screen)
-People prefer ereaders for themselves but books for children

There are tons of other statistics in the report and worth taking a look: Report can be found here

Test your mobile websites on iPhone emulators

There are many iPhone emulators out there. For those that do not know, an emulator is a program that mimics or acts like a device. For instance, there are NES (Nintendo) emulators that allows you to play old NES Roms. The following emulators act as iPhone emulators so you can get an idea of what your website looks like on pretty much any mobile device. Just to note, the emulators are not perfect, so there may be some slight alignment differences. I noticed this when I tested them although it was only a slight difference.