eSports: Gaming to pay the rent

Here is a really interesting article on mashable about esports:

“Robert Lee sat down with his parents over dinner at a favorite Chinese restaurant to break the news: He decided to drop out of college after one year at California State University in Fullerton to pursue a career as a professional video game player.

Lee had started to make more than a little money broadcasting his gameplay on Twitch while commuting to school three days a week. He wanted to make that a full-time job.

“The way I saw it, school was always going to be there, but this opportunity to make money playing video games was not always going to be there,” he says.

Almost three years later, Lee is a pro League of Legends player, earning a salary that pays enough to cover rent, clothes, food and a couple luxuries, he says, though he declined to provide a figure. That’s in addition to the millions of dollars in prize money that his team, compLexity, is competing for at tournaments around the world.” If you follow the league of legends championship and want to bet on your favorite team click here for lol betting.

Microsoft buy Minecraft

Yes the rumors have finally been confirmed. MS has bought Mojang for 2.5 billion. What are my thoughts on this? Well I think MS is doing a lot of cool things so I am excited. Actually not much in minecraft will really change. Skype hasn’t really changed much imo since MS acquired them several years ago.



Net Neutrality

What is in simple terms:

“Net Neutrality is the Internet’s guiding principle: It preserves our right to communicate freely online.

Net Neutrality means that the cable/telecom companies must provide us with open networks — and should not block or discriminate against any applications or content that ride over those networks. Just as your phone company cannot decide who you could call and what you say on that call, your ISP should not be concerned with what content you view or post online.

Net Neutrality is what enables the Internet to be such a hotbed for innovation. If you bring a new service online, the cable/telecom companies should deliver it just like they’d deliver content from a corporate behemoth like Google or NBC.

Net Neutrality is what gives every startup the same chance to reach customers and users as any existing company. Simply, without Net Neutrality, startups and small business will be subject to discrimination based on a pay-to-play Internet, and the open Internet and the economic growth it has represented will be at risk.”

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Instructional strategies by training type

Here is a chart I have made which highlights the ease at which it is to implement strategies by training type. This is a very good starting point when considering an instructional strategy once you know what kind of training a client wants. While I probably can do any strategy in any environment if I am creative enough, its not always plausible. Thus when someone tells me they want CBT training I know that direct instructional strategies are more than likely the best method.

›Instructor led: 1 – Direct, 1 – Indirect, 1 – Experiential

›Online: 1 – Direct, 2 – Indirect, 3 – Exp

›Virtual:1 – Direct,1 – Indirect, 1 – Exp

›CBI/CBT: 1 – Direct, 3 – Indirect, 3 – Exp

›Simulation: 1 – Direct, 1 – Indirect, 1 – Exp

1 = Easy, 2 = medium, 3 = Most difficult

*note that given the technology and capabilities of your team and technology, these could all be different for you. For example in the Online section, Indirect heavily depends on the LMS type and capabilities – it could very easily be a ‘1’.


Guidelines for interface design

*Note 1 – these are general guidelines that need to be modified for each project and media type.
*Note 2 – –I would first consider: Users,  Context, Technology, Goals/objectives,  Task Analysis
*Note 3 – –These would be examined in order to start creating a design that is usable (usability), and then I would evaluate my prototypes using heurisitc, pluralistic, style, and cognitive walkthrough

1. –Simple and natural dialogue

1.1.     Speak the users’ language

2. –Minimize cognitive load

2.1.    Miller 1956 – 7 Concepts (+/- 2)

3. –Multimedia principles

3.1.    Images and text that explain for one another

3.2.    No extra details – only what is required; no unnecessary images

3.3.    Highlight important information

3.4.    No busy screens/backgrounds/fonts

3.5.    Fitt’s law

4. –Be consistent

5. Colors/fonts/layout – across the site/app

5.1 Colors – 2-4; fonts – legible; layout – Grid and organized

6. Follow current font, color, layout trends

7. –Provide feedback

8. Provide clearly marked exits

9. –Provide shortcuts

9.1.    Breadcrumbs

10. Deal with errors in positive and helpful manner

11. Develop for the output technology – resolution, colors, golden ratio/rectangle

12. –Rule of thirds

13. Provide help and documentation

13.1.Site map

14. –User friendly layout

14.1.Buttons/links easy to find/use

14.2.This will vary based on audience and objectives

14.3.Color, fonts, layout, sizes

Game developer salaries

Thought this article was pretty interesting:

The average game developer in the U.S. earned just over $83,000 USD in 2013, while Canadian and European based developers averaged a salary of $71,000 USD (up 9 percent from 2012) and $46,000 USD (no change), respectively.”

Those who hold business and management positions earned an average salary of over $101,000 USD in 2013 – the most of any discipline. Audio professionals and programmers followed closely behind, each earning average salaries of over $90,000 USD.”

League of Legends becoming a college sport?

Apparently it is. There is a league of 177 colleges that play the game competitively and now its becoming an official sport at Robert Morris University Illinois in Chicago, which means that there will be a team, a coach, and real scholarships. Kinda crazy. Here is a link to the article:

And an article from the university:


This is a summarized breakdown of ADDIE. One would assume that front end analysis was completed at this point to determine that there was a training need.