Vector vs Raster Graphics

Vector – created in adobe illustrator. these graphics are best used for logos and prints. Vector graphics can be made bigger without sacrificing image quality. as a result, you can increase the size of the picture and it will not be distorted.

Raster – created in adobe photoshop. These are the most common types of graphics. The main problem is that you cannot make the image bigger because the pixels become distorted as photoshop will ‘make up’ parts of the image. you can shrink the image but not make it bigger without sacrificing quality.

Overall – It depends what your purpose is. If you are making a logo, such as a tshirt design, I would go with illustrator. Most often though, people tend to work with photoshop as they are more familiar with it and its the industry standard photo editor.

Can Google Wave Replace Email?

Google wave is a new tool designed to help us communicate better….hmmm google controlling us once again:) Seriously, google wave seems really interesting at this point. check out this video to learn what this tool is and how it can help you:


How to download videos from the web

Have you ever been in a presentation and tried to show a youtube video and were embarrassed when the video wouldnt load because the internet connection was terrible? Well this tutorial will show you how to put those videos onto your desktop to avoid those problems. This is something I have been doing for all of my presentations lately and have had much success.


What is Twitter?

This is a great video explaining the phenomenon of “Twitter”. This video will help you understand exactly what this web 2.0 tool that everyone is talking about is: