iOS6 Released and jailbroken

iOS 6 was released yesterday. For those that have not updated, do so as its a nice upgrade. My iPad 3 feels like a new device. Having just been released there are already directions out there for jailbreaking your device but I have to ask – Why jailbreak iPhone? If you are a tech guy who need that kind of access to your phone why not get a droid?

Link for jailbreaking:

The ‘Woz’, founder of Apple computer, take on the patent wars

The Woz (Steve Wozniak) is truly awesome. For those that do not recognize his name, he co founded apple computer with steve jobs and in fact, was the one who invented the comptuer. Steve Jobs was more of the front man. Anyway, here is his take on the patent wars:

“I hate it…I wish everybody would just agree to exchange all the patents and everybody can build the best forms they want to use everybody’s technologies.”

Source: Mashable

Facebook drops HTML5 for native iOS app (Xcode)

I think this speaks volumes about the power of HTML5 vs native app development. What I find interesting is that both Apple and Google claim to really push HTML5 yet they still make sure their native apps run significantly better – for now at least because I am sure their futures OSs will offer better support. I am surprised a company like facebook even attempted HTML5 vs a native app to begin with and am surprised it held up so well to this point. This shows HTML5 does have power but not enough compared to Xcode. Xcode offers a lot more and HTML5 is really only designed for simple apps. When you are a company like facebook that has millions of users I could only imagine how bogged the app could easily get. Well here is the article for your reading pleasure:


Another article:

Apple vs. Samsung: When does it stop?

If you have been following tech news or my blog you know about the patent war going on between these two companies. Here is a good article by mashable describing the ridiculousness that these patents claim. For instance, the article explains how patents are so broad that its impossible to build a phone without copying. This would be equivalent to Ford claiming that a mercedes was copying it.

The article uses this example from history with the wright brothers:

“Everyone knows the story of the Wright brothers and their historic flight in December 1903. What you may not know is that the Orville and Wilbur Wright submitted a patent for their invention months earlier, which was eventually granted in 1906. Then the airplane patent wars began.

The Wrights sued Glenn Curtiss (among others) for infringing on their patent with his company’s aircraft designs. The thing was, the Wright brothers’ patent was so broad, it was virtually impossible to build any kind of aircraft without infringing on it. Eventually the two sides were forced to settle their differences at the advent of the First World War, when the U.S. government stepped in and created a temporary patent pool for wartime production, which eventually became permanent.”

Here is the full article:

And the lawsuits continue…this time against Apple

Motorola (Well Google really as Google is parent company) is suing Apple for various patent infringements.

“Motorola is demanding a ban on the imports of the iPhone and iPad for alleged infringements of intellectual property used in Siri, E-Mail notifications, location reminders and music/video players.”


Personally, all of these lawsuits need to stop. Get rid of these patents because they are slowing down progress and innovation in the tech world.

Want to build apps for iPhone and iPad? Start with Xcode

Once your purchase the license to develop for Apple ($99) you are ready to download Xcode, which is the program used to develop you Apple apps. Xcode is a development tool created by Apple. With Xcode you can create your app, test it with an emulator, and publish it to the iTunes app store (after extensive apple review of course).

How difficult is Xcode? If you are new to programming, its going to be very difficult. Xcode allows you to use C/C++ to program your app. In addition to knowing the language you need to understand Xcode interface as well as design for iPhone/iPhone, so it can get complicated very quickly. For the experience object oriented programmer, Xcode should not be too difficult to pick up. Overall, this software is not made for designers, rather experienced programmers.