Galaxy Nexus News

Two major things happened today:

Judge denies Samsung’s request to lift ban on GNex

Galaxy Nexus pulled from Google Play Store

What does this mean? The Gnex might not be for sale at carriers soon and my phone might be worth a lot of money. Apple really needs to stop with the patents. Already there is a call in the tech industry to boycott Apple. For instance here is the boycott apple facebook page: and here is the boycott on Google+

Apple deal for students

From Apple:

“Buy a Mac for college between June 11 and September 21 and receive a $100 Back to School Gift Card to use on apps, books, music, and movies. Or buy the new iPad and get a $50 Back to School Gift Card.* And if you choose a Mac, save even more with Apple Education Pricing.”


Remember students you also get educational pricing in addition to this:

Why does apple tilt the laptops to 70 degrees in their stores?

I thought this article from Gizmodo was rather interesting:

“The main reason notebook computers screens are slightly angled is to encourage customers to adjust the screen to their ideal viewing angle-in other words, to touch the computer! … Apple wants you to see the display for yourself and to experiment with apps and web sites to experience the power and performance of the devices.”


Apple WWDC Keynote: 1pm EST today!


Google Maps gone. Apple has own maps with turn by turn directions. They finally have what Android has since 2009:)

New Macbook Pro – goes on sale today

iOS6 announced

SIRI comes to iPad 3

Power Nap – updates your mac while it sleeps

iOS6 – Do not disturb feature looks pretty cool

iOS6 – facebook integration does not look cool

Facetime finally does not need wifi – I think skype is king here anyway

Apple Rumors: WWDC

Here are the rumors that we are anticipating for WWDC on Monday:

iOS – well this has been confirmed but we still do not know the details

Apple Maps -Apple will drop Google Maps for their own version that will have text to speech directions

Siri for iPad – Finally siri support for iPad. Not sure why it is already not on iPad 3, maybe it was iOS 5 that didnt allow it for whatever reason

Macbook Pro -To be updated with the ivy bridge.

iPhone 5 – This would be the biggest surprise as we are pretty sure this is a fall release and the 4s is still selling like crazy.

Google ‘Next Dimension’ event today at 12:30pm EST

Google will reveal their new version of maps with possibly new features. Remember that the rumor is that Apple is dropping Google Maps for their own version at WWDC on June 11th ( It is well known that Apple has be purchasing GPS/Maps companies over the last few years to eventually break away from Google Maps. For those who do not know, Google Maps on Apple devices is not the full version, it does not have text to voice directions and act as a true GPS whereas on Android devices it does and it is free. So it is no surprise that Apple wants their own version.

So I guess we will find out in a few hours what Google has up their sleeve:

Apple to update all laptops at WWDC

While this rumor has been around for a while, it seems it might actually be true. The most exciting rumor is the Ivy Bridge processor that will make the machines faster and more efficient. As usual though, only time will tell if these rumors are true. The other rumors include iPhone 5 as well as Apple dropping Google Maps for their own maps tool.

Here is the source of the report:

Has Adobe won the mobile war? I think so…

There is so much misinformation out there it is ridiculous. I hear so many rumors from non-developers about mobile development and the funny thing is, most of them have never developed an app. So why has Adobe won? Two software packages – Adobe Air and PhoneGap.

Each of these software packages allows you to create mobile apps on multiple devices. So I can develop one app and it will run on the iPhone, iPad, and Android based devices. Thus I no longer need to waste valuable time developing apps for both iOS and Android when I can develop one that deploys on both.

With Adobe Air, you develop your app in Flash and package it for each device. Wait, isnt there a rumor that Flash doesnt work on iPhone? Yes there is that rumor and it is only partially true. Flash does not run in the iOS browser BUT it will run as a stand alone app. So YES you can develop apps in Flash for Apple and they work very well.

With PhoneGap, also owned by Adobe, you can develop apps via HTML5 and then publish to Android and iOS devices. Again these work very well.

Additionally, with both of these software packages I can actually use hardware features of the phone and use them when not connected to the internet. Something you can do with all mobile apps but not the mobile web. The disadvantage to developing an app over a website is that Apple has to approve it (not a problem with Android). Otherwise Apps are much better than a mobile website.

Why would I use one over the other? Flash apps are designed for more sophisticated apps that require large amounts of data (database), high intensity graphics, lots of screens, animations, etc. PhoneGap apps are better for small simple apps. Both are great for development though. Additionally, Adobe is really starting to integrate phonegap into dreamweaver so I would not be surprised if we see these two software packages merged at some point (maybe CS7?).

I will be using both of these software packages in my courses next year, so if you are interested in learning more about them, please contact me.

Adobe Air –

PhoneGap –

iPhone vs. Galaxy Nexus vs. S3? Can’t compare on specs alone

While certain features of these phones are comparable, like the camera. There are just certain things that you cannot compare when looking at these devices.

For instance, while the 1.2 dual core processor or 1.4 quad core processor seem to blow Apple’s .800 dual core processor out of the water, this couldnt be further from the truth. Many forget that Apple runs a different OS. Meaning that Apple’s iPhone is built specifically for their OS. They didnt need a 1.5 quad core processor because their OS does not require or utilize it. Additionally, you cant really even compare the Gnex to the S3 for the same reason. While they both run ICS, the Gnex runs a vanilla version of the OS and was made to specifically to run the OS just as the iPhone was for iOS. The S3 contains TouchWiz, which is Samsung’s bloatware and thus needs that extra power that the Gnex does not need.

All in all, there are some things you can compare but overall you cannot compare these devices by just looking at the specs. The specs are not very helpful in really telling you much about the big picture, they are simply a small piece. Each of these phones is so different that it’s going to be a matter of preference which is better, not the one that has the best specs is king.