Galaxy Nexus Vs Moto X

I have acquired the moto x dev edition for verizon. My gnex is going to a good home (my father). So here are my thoughts. The main question, is it worth upgrading the gnex? Honestly, if you are buying a phone outright I do NOT think its worth it unless you care about a few new things. The gnex actually performs nearly as good as my new moto x (assuming you have rooted and customized it to). Here is my review:

I currently have 2 verizon phones – the galaxy nexus and the moto x from verizon. Here is what I have done to both phones before I give my review:

Gnex – I have rooted it and installed the latest 4.4 nightly from cyanogenmod. I have installed pacrom, aokp, etc as well and AOKP is definitely my favorite ROM but I am giving this phone to my father and think CM will be easiest for him as it updates itself through an OTA update.

Moto x – I have rooted it, installed Xposed (for gravitybox), deleted bloatware, and got it tether ready.


Speed/lag – I never noticed lag with my motox. Now that I have the moto x I am noticing where there was lag on my gnex. However, I dont think most people would notice it. It is not significant and doesnt make the phone perform any better/worse.

size – both are around the same size. the moto x is a bit smaller and screen appears to be the same size.

camera – i didnt notice a difference here and i dont really use the cams much either.

battery – much better on my motox. I get about 24hrs more. I think i got around 12-15 hours on average on my gnex and am getting 36+ on my moto x. i did have the 2200 size on my gnex too. this could be a breaking point for many people but i was able to go through the day and just charge each night with my gnex.

tethering – tethering was simple on my gnex. i just pushed the button and it works. it worked with a million tethering apps too. the moto x was not easy. it does not work with any of those apps. i had to go in and work in terminal to get tethering to work. i have a feeling i will need to do this with each OS upgrade too. I am not looking forward to it. It was not something a beginner will be able to easily do.

bloatware – none on the gnex. tons on my moto x. i had to delete it all but again this was easy once rooted.

active display – this is awesome. it is on both phones though. on the moto x its just automatically there. on my gnex i need to download dynamicnotifications app. i think each version (the app vs the native moto x app) each have some advantages over one another. this will be a preference thing but both basically function in the exact same way.

moto connect – Now this is new to me and I am really loving it. I can text – send and receive texts from my browser. This is really awesome as I work from home and dont alway have my phone on me. I can also take calls this way too. Very awesome. It could be worth upgrading for just this feature alone.

Dev support – tons of dev support for the gnex. it cant really be beat except for N5. Moto x seems good too just dont think it will ever be as good as a nexus device.

Company support – none for the gnex. phone is past its 18 months. seems like motorola is doing a great job with the moto x and I have a feeling that they will support longer than the standard 18 months given how they are still pushing this phone.

Overall that is my review. I dont think I really needed to upgrade my gnex. It was performing nearly as well as this new phone. I think it has another 1-2 years of life easily. If you do have the money though, it is worth the upgrade but its definitely not necessary.

Galaxy Nexus News

Two major things happened today:

Judge denies Samsung’s request to lift ban on GNex

Galaxy Nexus pulled from Google Play Store

What does this mean? The Gnex might not be for sale at carriers soon and my phone might be worth a lot of money. Apple really needs to stop with the patents. Already there is a call in the tech industry to boycott Apple. For instance here is the boycott apple facebook page: and here is the boycott on Google+

Galaxy Nexus banned in the US?

According to reports it is being banned by the courts due to Apple suing over copyright violations. Apple I am a fan of yours and cannot stand your patent lawsuits. Stop it. You copied everything to get where you are, well not everything but a lot. Stop suing others because they are competing with you. The more I see of your company the less I want to use your products.

Articles on the lawsuit:

iPhone vs. Galaxy Nexus vs. S3? Can’t compare on specs alone

While certain features of these phones are comparable, like the camera. There are just certain things that you cannot compare when looking at these devices.

For instance, while the 1.2 dual core processor or 1.4 quad core processor seem to blow Apple’s .800 dual core processor out of the water, this couldnt be further from the truth. Many forget that Apple runs a different OS. Meaning that Apple’s iPhone is built specifically for their OS. They didnt need a 1.5 quad core processor because their OS does not require or utilize it. Additionally, you cant really even compare the Gnex to the S3 for the same reason. While they both run ICS, the Gnex runs a vanilla version of the OS and was made to specifically to run the OS just as the iPhone was for iOS. The S3 contains TouchWiz, which is Samsung’s bloatware and thus needs that extra power that the Gnex does not need.

All in all, there are some things you can compare but overall you cannot compare these devices by just looking at the specs. The specs are not very helpful in really telling you much about the big picture, they are simply a small piece. Each of these phones is so different that it’s going to be a matter of preference which is better, not the one that has the best specs is king.