Parents: What you need to know about video games in the classroom

Here is a great link from Wow in school that highlights a bunch of good resources for parents who are concerned about a ‘video’ game being used in their childs classroom. Even my undergrads just think video games are ‘mindless’ entertainment until I show them how games can be used to promote all types of learning objectives while motivating the students. Anyway here is the link:

Here is some same sources from the site that I really liked:

Tips for Smart Video GamingĀ – by Connect Safely

Guide to Parental Controls on the XBox 360

Powerful Play: A Mom and Son in World of Warcraft

Why Kids Love Video Games and What Parents Can Do About It

The Serious Need for Play – Scientific American

The Video Game Revolution (PBS Series)

8 Myths About Video Games Debunked (by Henry Jenkins, MIT)

Nintendo going digital with next gen console

Looks like Nintendo will be joining the club and offering their games online. While they currently have an online store for the wii, this will offer normal retail games that normally require a disk. This is a good move for us consumers for many reasons. It will:

– Provide us with cheaper games (maybe?). Packaging has to increase game cost so if there is not packaging one can assume games will decrease in price.

– Give us instant access to games when they are released

– Games may run faster on SSD drives rather than having to spin via dvd.

– A bad thing: no more used games

– A bad thing: Need for large hard drives which may cause us to buy more

Here is a link to an article on the topic