Linkedin: Top 1%, 5%, or 10% – Were you in it?

Linkedin recently sent out emails this week letting users know if you were in the top 1%, 5%, or 10% of the most viewed profiles for 2012. Its smart as many people are now tweeting or sharing the fact that they were chosen. So how do the numbers break down? Well there are 200 million users so you can do the math:

1% – 2 million
5% – 10 million
10% – 20 million

I was in the top 5%:)

Link to mashable article about it

Why you should be on LinkedIn

This is mostly for my undergraduate students as none of them for the most part have heard of LinkedIn.

You have perhaps seen the following symbol lately quite a bit on the internet? This is the symbol for LinkedIn:


This site is a social networking site, very similar to facebook. The difference however is big. LinkedIn focuses on your professional life. In fact, you profile is very similar to your resume. In addition to having a profile that includes your resume, you can link to others in the same field and you can search for jobs. Many jobs are being posted on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not complicated and is no harder to use than facebook, thus I recommend all of my students to get an account before they start applying for jobs – trust me when I say the person interviewing you will be searching for you:)

Here is a link: