Xbox 720 sold on Ebay for $20,100???

It appears that someone who claims to have a development kit for the next xbox sold it on ebay and it went for over 20k.

Here is the link but keep in mind this will disappear in a few days so I am taking a screen shot as well.

So is this real? No one knows. If it is, this person will probably get in trouble because MS knows who has these. Unless of course it is a publicity stunt by MS, which in my opinion is pure genius.

Click image to see full size:

Xbox 720


If I get more info, i will post. I really wonder who this buyer was? Was a prototype of the next xbox worth 20k?

xbox 720 rumors

This is pretty interesting. A document found online, which is now removed via a law firm, has some interesting info about Microsoft’s next console. Here are some of the rumors:

– Bundle with Kinect: $299
– Blu Ray Player
– Tablet integration
– Cloud network/integration for games and media
– Glasses and virtual reality code named Fortaleza


Microsoft giving away xbox 360 when you buy a windows machine for school

This is a pretty cool offer for students. Buy a laptop, get an xbox 360. Here are the details:

“Students. PCs. Free Xbox 360. The Redmond team’s at it yet again. Similar to last year’s deal, Microsoft’s hooking students up with a 4GB Xbox 360 if they drop some cash on one of its Windows machines. It’s simple: shell out over $699 on a PC, or $599 if you’re in Canada, and you’ll be walking out with a shiny new console free of charge — naturally, you’ll have to do so at participating shops such as Best Buy, Fry’s, Newegg, Staples, The Source and, of course, Microsoft’s own stores. The promo is set to kick off here in the States on May 20th, while those living in the True North can take advantage of it starting today. And before you ask — yes, you will need to show your scholar credentials to get in on the bargain.”


Kinect cameras being used to help detect autism in children

Very cool what gaming software and hardware can do. Kinect and Wii motion technologies are powerful and will be doing much more in the near future.

From the article:

“Detecting autism in children can be a difficult, expensive, and time-consuming process that requires the trained eye of a medical professional. But researchers Guillermo Sapiro and Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos believe that the Microsoft Kinect gaming sensor could assist in that task.

As part of an experiment at the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Child Development, Sapiro and Papanikolopoulos set up a series of five Microsoft Kinect sensors in the playroom of a school. There, the motion-detecting cameras recorded the movements of the children, aged 3 to 5, and sent the collected data to a series of PCs. The computers then calculated what children were most at risk for autism based on their hand movements and activity levels. Children whose activity levels differed greatly from their peers were flagged for further study by medical professionals.

Researchers admit the cameras are no substitute for the opinion of a real doctor, but say they could still help determine which children require closer examination for signs of autism. “The same way a good teacher flags a problem child, the system will do automatic flagging and say, ‘Hey, this kid needs to see an expert,'” says Shapiro.”

More of the article here