Apple vs. Samsung: When does it stop?

If you have been following tech news or my blog you know about the patent war going on between these two companies. Here is a good article by mashable describing the ridiculousness that these patents claim. For instance, the article explains how patents are so broad that its impossible to build a phone without copying. This would be equivalent to Ford claiming that a mercedes was copying it.

The article uses this example from history with the wright brothers:

“Everyone knows the story of the Wright brothers and their historic flight in December 1903. What you may not know is that the Orville and Wilbur Wright submitted a patent for their invention months earlier, which was eventually granted in 1906. Then the airplane patent wars began.

The Wrights sued Glenn Curtiss (among others) for infringing on their patent with his company’s aircraft designs. The thing was, the Wright brothers’ patent was so broad, it was virtually impossible to build any kind of aircraft without infringing on it. Eventually the two sides were forced to settle their differences at the advent of the First World War, when the U.S. government stepped in and created a temporary patent pool for wartime production, which eventually became permanent.”

Here is the full article:

iPhone vs. Galaxy Nexus vs. S3? Can’t compare on specs alone

While certain features of these phones are comparable, like the camera. There are just certain things that you cannot compare when looking at these devices.

For instance, while the 1.2 dual core processor or 1.4 quad core processor seem to blow Apple’s .800 dual core processor out of the water, this couldnt be further from the truth. Many forget that Apple runs a different OS. Meaning that Apple’s iPhone is built specifically for their OS. They didnt need a 1.5 quad core processor because their OS does not require or utilize it. Additionally, you cant really even compare the Gnex to the S3 for the same reason. While they both run ICS, the Gnex runs a vanilla version of the OS and was made to specifically to run the OS just as the iPhone was for iOS. The S3 contains TouchWiz, which is Samsung’s bloatware and thus needs that extra power that the Gnex does not need.

All in all, there are some things you can compare but overall you cannot compare these devices by just looking at the specs. The specs are not very helpful in really telling you much about the big picture, they are simply a small piece. Each of these phones is so different that it’s going to be a matter of preference which is better, not the one that has the best specs is king.

New Samsung Phone: Galaxy S3

For more info:

Galaxy S3 confirmed

– 4.8 inch screen
– 8mp camera (1.9 inch front camera)
– 2100 battery
– summer launch in America
– looks very similar to nexus
– 2 feature – s-voice and s-stay – both look ok but are bloatware.
– 1.4 GHZ Quad core processor
– MicroSD slot
– Runs ICS Android 4.0
– 1 GB Ram

My thoughts from what I have seen ( I have not touched the phone or seen it in real life): It’s a definite upgrade the S2 and GNex, however, it is not what I would call significant. It’s reminds me of the upgrade from the iPhone 4 to the 4s. Some specs are great, like the quad core, and microSD card. But the S2 has an 8MP camera already. And while Samsung is really pushing their bloatware – it’s bloatware, although I will admit that if you did not want the bloatware you already have a Gnex which has a vanilla version of Android 4.0 on it. Would I buy this phone? Well I have the Gnex so there is no way this is worth the upgrade. I personally do NOT want bloatware – but that is my big selling point. Additionally, I have the extended battery for the Gnex which is the same one used as default on this phone. Others really like the microSD card, that alone may be a huge selling point. If I had the S2 I would probably upgrade although honestly if you care about a better camera, phones will have 10-12mp by the end of the year.

Samsung Galaxy S3 to be announced tomorrow (May 3rd)

For those that have been waiting for this phone tomorrow is the big announcement from London: 2pm EST

Here is the website and access to live streaming from the event:

Current phone rumors:

– quad core 1.2 or 1.5 Ghz processor
– 1 GB Ram
– 12 mp camera
– 720 or 1080 screen
– Android 4.0
– all carriers potentially

Here is a video with the add: