My latest website – Carefree Organics 100% Organic Skin Care

My latest website is a site that I created for my wife’s new organic skin care business. I used a lot of CSS3 as well as some javascript to create the site. I created the graphics in photoshop except for the logo which I created using illustrator.

One of the cool things about this site was that it was the first time I set up an ecommerce business so that people could ‘add to cart’ and pay right on the site. It was fun to figure out and I will be discussing ecommerce on this blog to describe my experiences. Anyway, check out the site:

Why all faculty and teachers should have their own website

I recently wrote a blog post concerning all students having their own website. Well I believe all faculty in higher education and K-12 teachers should have their own as well.

Why is this? Students and parents should know who their teachers and professors are. They should know about all the work we do. They should know how many publications, presentations, and past work experiences we have had. I recently (yesterday) had a student tell me that her mom was asking about her professors and she liked the fact that she could go to my website and see my resume and some information about me. This is a great way for us as faculty to demonstrate just how valuable we are. Many of my colleagues and peers resumes are very impressive and I think its a great idea for us to show that off. It also shows we know a little bit about technology and are not stuck in the stone ages.

Having a website is just one way to accomplish this. Of course many of our schools have a ‘faculty page’ but these are very generic. Having your own website can really show off your skills and is informative to our students. My point – faculty, develop a website for yourself. If you are not tech savvy, ask your instructional technologists, they would be more than willing to help you out!