With Ray Pastore #20 – Professor Talk

In this episode, I am going to talk about the following:

• Semester off to good start
• Something stuck in eye
• Minecraft tournament today
• Mario Kart tournament this Friday
• Valorant Tourn update
• Photoshoot coming up
• Asking the school for money
• Coronavirus UNCW update
• Might of found a house
• Apple stock split
• Story about fight as a kid – Kai fight at pool

With Ray Pastore Live – Professor Talk #19

In this episode I talk about:

Corona virus uncw
Why I don’t talk about politics
Update on my hip injury/running
Azalea fest esports tournament
Finding people for interviews
Esports club had no idea how old I was
Updates on my learning live sessions
My migraines

With Ray Pastore – Professor Talk 18

In this episode I talk about:

Why 3 monitors is annoying
Teaching my 5 yr old to surf
Kids calling for mom 24/7
Apple flying up and splitting
Apple workouts
Hip injury update
How bad my week schedule is
How to stream recordings to twitch