Facebook releases Instagram clone for iPhone and iPad

Well this is kinda surprising. They just bought instagram and then release their own clone which they obviously have been working on for a while. The app is only available via iTunes so it is not available for Android yet, although I assume it will be very soon. But the question is, why did Facebook buy Instagram for 1 Billion if they were just going to release their own version anyway? Was it a copyright issue? I would doubt it considering there are 20 other Instagram clones in the market.

Anyway, here is a link to the app: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/facebook-camera/id525898024?ls=1&mt=8

Rule of Thirds

Here is some information on the rule of thirds, which is a way to frame pictures that you are going to take:

Link: Rule of Thirds

Good video that explains it:


Point and Shoot vs SLR

Today I will be comparing the two so I thought I would put some brief notes on my blog.

Regular Point and Shoot Camera:


small size
very portable
most have low quality video


slow shutter speed
not many options
cant change lenses
not good for long distance or sports pictures IMO



Can change lenses
Different Shutter speeds
Many options


large – won’t fit into your pocket or purse
Expensive – some lenses can cost 1000’s of $$