How do I make my videos?

I have been asked this question so many times that I figured it was time for me to show you! So how do I make my tutorials? How do I add myself to a video when showing off a piece of software? Its easy and its complicated! I know that’s probably not the answer you are looking for. I think most people want me to say “I am using X software that does it all” but unfortunately it involves several pieces of software and hardware. In the following video I explain everything I am using:

Streaming made easy

One question I am consistently asked over and over again on my youtube channel is ‘How did you make this?’. The easy answer – I recorded a video of my screen and myself at the same time! The hard answer – I used specialized software to record my screen, a video camera to record myself, a microphone to record the sound, a green screen in the background, specialized lighting, and then video editing software to edit the video and finally publish it.

So as you can see, streaming and recording a video takes a lot of work. It involves specialized software and hardware. It takes a lot of time. But its fun. I love it. If it wasn’t a passion of mine I would not be doing it.

To learn about the software and how to get set up check out the following video which goes through the entire process:

Here are links to the hardware I recommend for streaming:

Logitech Webcam –

Blue Yeti Mic –

lights –

Green Screen –

Facebook videos not playing?

I had this problem on 3 of my computers and thought it was a Mac issue. Well maybe it is but I have been reading online that PCs are having the problem as well. Now I am not 100% sure what is causing the issue, whether its a setting on the computer, browsers, or in facebook itself, or even in a plug in. But I do know a solution:)

In your address bar you will see something like: or

The problem is that your browser is looking for a secure connection to view the video. So to view it you need to make sure there is an (s) in that web address like so:

Do you see the (s)? Type that in and reload your page. The video should now play. And yea you will need to do this each time you want to view one but at least its working.