Instructional design app

One of my project this semester was to have my students create a mobile app. They all did a fabulous job. These were my graduate students so I expected nothing less. Anyway, here is one of them which is available on the google play store. Its an instructional design information app:

Free Super Nintendo Android App

This app is awesome. You can download any super nintendo game and play it right on your phone. And its free. There is a paid version for a few dollars that has some extra features and it seems worth it but thus far I am finding this app very enjoyable.

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Link to app: SNES APP

Developer’s website:

One of the best Android Apps: Airdroid

This is an app I have written about before and one that I use quite often. I just saw this write up on airdroid and thought I would post it. For those who are unfamiliar with this app here is what it does:

The app connects your PC/Mac to your phone. So in one click, you can transfer photos, music, files, or anything from your computer to your phone and vice versa. Its a very useful and cool app. And its FREE! Anyway, here is the write up:

Here is a link to the app in the Google Play store: Airdroid

Run Android apps on Mac?

A company called Bluestacks is trying to do just that. You can download the beta player now. While I could really care less about running an android app on my mac what I do care about is running them on my ipad/iphone and vice versa. Hopefully this is a step towards that.