How to create a blog with blogger

Blogger is a free tool from Google. I use this tool in my courses and have become fairly impressed with it as of lately. It offers a lot of customization and is perfect for educators or just about anyone who wants a blog. It’s also very easy to use, so it gives novice computer users an opportunity to publish on the web.

Here is a video tutorial that I put together which shows you how to create your first blog with blogger:

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Have you ever wondered how to create your own blog?

I get asked quite often about blogging and how one begins their own blog. The answer is very simple and I direct everyone to the same site:, that is unless they are talking about something more serious and need a their own server and such. Blogger is simple to use, I mean very simple to use. I can have a blog up and running in about a minute. Additionally, its free. Another great thing, its owned by google. This means it integrates well with youtube (also owned by google) and gmail, google calendar, etc. I have all my pre-service teachers learn how to create a class website using this tool. I find they think its one of the best technologies I teach them because its so easy and useful.

Here is the link to get started:

Best Blogging Software = WordPress 3.0

WordPress 3.0 was just released, and yes, wordpress is the best blogging software. Why? Its powerful, its opensource, its free, and it has a huge community of users. In fact, this blog was created in wordpress. If you are interested in having your own blog, check out wordpress at

Additionally, wordpress integrates well with bbpress and buddypress because they are all made by the same companies. It is my belief that many future websites will be created using software such as wordpress rather than standard html.