iPhone Vs Android: screen utilization

I now have both android and apple phones and I have been comparing the two. Thus far, the biggest difference is how they utilize screen size. You can see how I have highlighted the bottom of the phones in the image below. For some reason apple makes you press a button. This button is a huge pain to press if you are used to just tapping the screen. And its a huge waste of screen space. Android has definitely done a better job of utilizing the screen here and I would imagine apple will follow suit shortly but if you want to sell your iPhone this will help. This might not seem like a big deal but once you get used to tapping the screen you never want to constantly keep pushing that button all day long.

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30 Years of Mac

I still remember getting the first Mac and thinking it was awesome (I was 5 or 6 yrs old at the time). A desktop vs DOS/Unix was amazing. Here is a little site apple has put together highlighting their computer throughout the years: http://www.apple.com/30-years/

Pirates of Silicon Valley

This is a great movie that I hadn’t watched in a very long time but I recently was able to get it through netflix. It tells the story of steve jobs and bill gates as they rose to the top:

What 64 bit means to iPhone 5s

Great article discussing the advantages of Apple’s new 64 bit OS:

How does 64-bit help Apple?

Here’s how going 64-bit makes sense for the iPhone 5S, and for Apple’s mobile devices going forward.

Memory: Mobile devices aren’t facing the 4GB barrier yet. (Game consoles weren’t either: the Playstation 4 and Xbox One will be the first to ship with more than 4GB of memory.) The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 currently has the most RAM in a mobile device, packing in 3GB pretty much just so Samsung can show off. In comparison, the iPhone 5 – along with the new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S – sport only 1GB of RAM. The iPhone 4 and 4s have 512MB. One reason for that is that RAM has to be on all the time, consuming precious battery power. Right now, Apple does not need a 64-bit chip to handle memory.

However, the iPhone and iPad may reach or surpass the 4GB threshold in the next two or three years. If that happens, developers will have been building 64-bit iOS software for years by the time iPads, iPhones, and any other iDevices have require a 64-bit architecture. That’s a good way to ensure a seamless transition for customers. 

Speed: The iPhone 5S does get performance benefits from going 64-bit. Early results from iPhone 5S review units tested with Primate Labs’ Geekbench tool (nods to private sources, AnandTech and Daring Fireball) for measuring processor performance show:

  • The iPhone 5S 64-bit mode outperformed 32-bit mode by up to 25 percent. That means most apps will get a free performance boost just for recompiling to 64-bit.
  • The iPhone 5S processor is about twice as fast as the iPhone 5 in everything but memory access (that’s 1.4x faster).
  • The iPhone 5S about 25 percent faster than the iPhone 5 for everyday Web browsing (some Javascript tests are twice as fast as 5).

“Converting to 64-bit offers a performance improvement on the order of 10 to 20 percent,” said Kevin Krewell, senior editor of Microprocessor Report. ”The part that isn’t separable is that we have a new chip in the A7, and the A7 is much faster than the A6. Just the architecture of the chip has much better performance, in and above the change to 64-bit.”

iPhone 5S CPU Performance

The 64-bit A7 isn’t just a marketing stunt. It delivers real performance benefits for apps right now. Apple builds further on those benefits by converting all of iOS 7 to 64-bit for the iPhone 5S – and for any future 64-bit devices (cough iPad 5 cough) that come along. That means iOS 7 – along with core apps like Safari, Mail, Photos, Maps, and Siri – all wring the most benefits from 64-bit performance, and some of those components improve performance for third-party apps as well.

Fancy Features: The 64-bit architecture used in the A7 makes Apple’s new Touch ID fingerprint scanning technology possible, thanks to its encrypted on-chip security. Sure, a few smartphones have offered fingerprint readers (like the Motorola Atrix 4G) but no one has pushed the technology to the level Apple’s trying to achieve. Touch ID not only has a sophisticated biometric sensor, but Apple is integrating (optional) biometric security deep into its processor. That’s unprecedented. It also means Touch ID will never be available for 32-bit iOS devices – it’s a high-profile, front-and-center feature that’s 64-bit only. Assuming Touch ID survives countless attacks (from both security experts and hackers) and everyday users embrace it (early reviews are promising), expect the tech behind it, called Secure Enclave, to become central to the iOS experience. Coming next: Passbook and mobile payments.”

For more of the article read here: http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/iphone-5s-64-bit-a7-processor/

MS Surface tablet review

So I have not had my surface tablet for a whole summer and here is my review. I will also compare to my other tablets – iPad (1 and 3) and Kindle Fire.


-Functions as laptop – ie it IS a laptop
-Has full version of windows 8-Plugs right into a mouse and has a physical keyboard
-Its a PC so it works with all software
-Good battery life
-Same size as ipad (although thicker/heavier)

-Price. The pro is almost a $1000 dollars but it does replace a laptop
-Heavier and thicker than an ipad but not by too much.-Lack of apps. While it does do everything since its a full laptop it just doesnt have good app functionality. For instance, the facebook app is terrible and I am not even sure it was made by facebook.

Overall if I had to choose this vs the ipad or kindle, I would definitely choose this. Its a full laptop. It does everything. I cannot do much on my ipad other than browse the web and check email. I love the physical keyboard and mouse capabilities of this as well. This is definitely what every single business person needs instead of an ipad. Hands down this is much better to take to meetings and such. Having said that, if price is a concern the ipad/kindle are much more affordable. Also if you are just going to browser the web, go on facebook, and play with apps the ipad might be your best bet. Its all going to come down to your personal use. For me, this surface tablet takes the cake. Good job MS.

How burn DVD Movies on the Mac with Mountain Lion

Well those of you with Mountain Lion as the OS on your Mac have probably noticed something, iDVD is gone. Why? I can think of two reasons. 1) Apple wants people to use iTunes not buy  use or make DVDs 2) DVD technology is becoming outdated and Apple is ahead of the times but then why include a DVD player on the Mac?

So for those that still want to burn DVD videos, there is a free opensource software package called burn that will do this for you:

Link to Burn


Did Apple Maps failure cause Forstall to leave Apple?

The rumor is that he left because he refused to sign a document that Apple Maps was a failure:

“Apple asked Scott Forstall to leave the company because Forstall refused to sign his name on a letter apologizing for Apple’s Maps app, according to a report. Citing “people familiar with the matter,” The Wall Street Journal reports that Forstall (pictured), a 15-year veteran at Apple, wanted the company to address the poor reception for Maps without apologizing. However, CEO Tim Cook disagreed and sent an e-mail to customers on Sept. 28 stating that Maps “fell short.”” – Source

I think the main question is why did Apple even try to compete with Google Maps? Google has invested so many millions into making their apps perfect. Why did Apple care to compete? Was there really more money to be made by having their own maps? The reason I ask this is because a large % of Apple users had no idea Google made their maps and still has no idea that Apple now makes them. They really dont care. They just want maps and gps. Apple should have never tried to compete with Google on the maps app unless Apple was planning to do something innovative with the product…like what they did when iPhone was first invented. Sure their maps is going to get better and get good but Google maps is really good and is getting better too. Why they chose to compete with that app is beyond me. So here is my message for Apple: Do not compete for the sake of competing and having a monopoly. You will never be better than everyone at everything. Let this be a lesson learned. If you cannot improve something why try to recreate the wheel? Unless you can make that wheel better do not waste your time and energy on it. Why not invest in making iTunes user friendly? It has to be the worst piece of software I have used (from an HCI perspective that is). I could think of a 20 things off the top of my head that Apple would have been better off investing in or improving. Why they thought Apple Maps was a good idea I will never know.

iPad Mini – Why this is good and bad for Apple

Yesterday Apple announced the iPad mini. It will perform just as the iPad 3 but it is smaller, 7 inches, which is similar to the kindle fire and other android tablets. So why is this good and bad for Apple?

Its good because now Apple will have a product to compete with the Kindle Fire and Android tablets in the 7 inch range. There were a whole host of people who like that size over the original iPad (myself included so this is a welcome change).

Now what is interesting is that Steve Jobs was against a mini-tablet and I believe this is why:

Apple makes an iPod touch that sells for $199 – the same price as the kindle fire and other android tablets. So if Apple wants to compete with the Kindle, they needed a cheaper device but they could not meet the $199 price point unless they made their iPod cheaper. So what did Apple do? Start the base model of the mini ipad for $329, which is still significantly higher than the kindle. Will people buy this new device? I am sure they will sell millions. Will people who are leaning towards the kindle for the price point buy this? I do not think so. $130 is a lot of people who are struggling with money right now.

Will I be buying this device? Well I already have an iPad so since this does nothing new, I will not be. In the future though, I would prefer this size device to my currect iPad when I replace it. And that is where this device will shine – I think people will replace their current iPads (when they are ready to) with this device. People getting new iPads will get this device, not the larger one. That is where I see the future of this device headed.

Link to apples site for specs